Douglasville, Ga
March 31, 2017

My husband and I had twins in June of 2001. Our babies were born three months early and spent seven weeks in the neonatal I.C.U. .

Anyone who has had preemie babies can tell you it is a long road to travel when they come home. They had doctor visits three to four times a week and were on oxygen and apnea monitors.

The doctor told us when they left the hospital that they had a very weak immune system and not to get them around anyone who was sick and to wash my hands after touching anything and before I touched them.

My husband and I were so scared. We washed our hands and used the waterless hand cleaners all the time. Our hands were so dry and cracked.

When we heard about Microsan Skin Care System, we gave it a try. We both liked how well it worked and that it was convenient like the waterless hand cleaner.

The Microsan also moisterized our dry hands while cleaning them. It is also geat for work. My husband and I both work around a lot of people and do not always have a sink close by, so we make sure we have our Microsan.