Cape Elizabeth, Maine
February 27, 2017

Your products — the Microsan E-2 hand wash and lotion — have made the dreaded public bathroms, airplane restrooms, busy terminals and crowds less ominous. I feel better armed to deal with them. I am a reluctant traveler but must do so often for speaking engagements and book promotion purposes.

At a Seattle book signing earlier this year, the store employee who opened each book to the title page for me coughed or sneezed onto each book before placing it in front of me. I wound up sick for weeks.

Shortly after, I discovered your Microsan E-2 hand wash and lotion, use them daily, and never travel without them. I have not been sick since and doubt that that is mere coincidence.

Because of alergies to perfume and other chemicals I was so relieved that the odor of your products is pleasant and fresh, akin to baby powder.

Earlier this month, after minor elbow surgery, I used both assiduously to prevent infection. When my therapist recommended scar therapy/massage, I used the hand cream. At twenty days post-op, the healed incision looks as though surgery took place three months ago.

While other travelers may clutch a security blanket or St. Christopher medal, I hang on to my Microsan hand wash and lotion.

Congratulations and thanks for a super product.