Microsan Rx® Hand Foaming Hand Sanitizer


Microsan Rx® Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary, high technology hand sanitizer.

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Microsan Rx®Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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Microsan Rx® Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary, high technology hand sanitizer system that contains only 14% alcohol. This 14% alcohol works together with the other ingredients of the hand sanitizer to make it as effective as 62% 2-Propanol, non-gelled alcohol alone. It has been proven to kill 99.999% of over 100 yeast, mold, bacteria and viruses in as little as 30 seconds. Its broad-spectrum germ killing power kills bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses and demonstrates residual protection, as defined by the FDA, making your hands cleaner, with healthier and softer skin with repeated use.


  •  Metered dose for consistent results.
  • Kills 99.999% of the susceptible organisms on the skin in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Completely dries within 30 seconds.
  • Contains emollients and humectants.
  •  Excellent for microbial control of the hands when water is not present or inconvenient.
  • Safe for use on any skin portion of the body and safe for children over 6 months of age.
  • Non-drying formula.
  • Residual protection for 2-4 hours.
  • Tested in the presence of 5% blood proteins to simulate blood exposure or organic soil.


  • Reduces Cross Contamination Risk
  • Improves Sanitation
  • Instant Hand Sanitizing
  • Non-flammable
  • Foaming Dispenser Reduces Waste
  • Light Melon Scent

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