Microsan Rx® Family Combo



Same as Family Pak but includes MICROCIDE SQ®

Eighty five percent of all infections are transmitted by your hands.  Think about all the things your hands touch.  Most of these items carry lots of nasty germs.  We also know that you touch your mouth, nose, eyes and ears 1 to 3 times every 5 minutes.  When you touch these openings into your body, you introduce germs that can cause disease.  Colds, flu and other infections are commonly contracted in this manner.  Removing the germs on your hands is a positive way to reduce or eliminate these infections.  When you wash your hands with Microsan Rx® Surgical Scrub you will eliminate 99.999% of the germs on your hands within 30 seconds.  When you apply the Microsan Rx®  Antimicrobial Lotion, you give your hands a “Glove of Protection” that will continue to kill disease causing bacteria and viruses for the next 4-6 hours.  Microsan Rx®  Antimicrobial Lotion is also perfect to treat skin infections, athletes foot, jock itch and other topical infections.  Help keep your body healthy and reduce infections using the family of Microsan Rx®  family of professional products.

This is the same as the MICROSAN Rx® Family Pack but adds our hard surface cleaner/disinfectant, Microcide SQ®. Includes:

  • 3- 8oz pump MICROSAN Rx® Surgical Scrub
  • 3- Microsan Rx® Antimicrobial Lotion
  • 2- 16oz MICROSAN Rx® Surgical Scrub refill
  • 1- 8oz concentrate Microcide SQ® (makes 16 quarts)
  • 1- 32oz empty Microcide SQ® spray bottle

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs