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Now you can help keep your pets colon clean and ward off disease with Healthy Trac® For Pets , a completely soluble, all natural, dietary fiber.

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Promote A Healthy Digestive Tract And Immune System With Healthy Trac® a Fiber Supplement For Dogs and Other Pets. An unhealthy gastrointestinal system can lead to serious health problems that extend far beyond “irregularity”. Many people don’t realize that waste matter can accumulate over years in their pet’s digestive tract. This waste matter contains biological and chemical toxins that are responsible for an assortment of health problems. A toxic colon (large intestine) can lead to a toxic circulatory system, which can disable your pet’s ability to metabolize food properly, drain your pets energy and eventually threaten your pet’s overall health. In addition, without proper nourishment and protection, the friendly bacteria in your pets colon will simply die, leaving it vulnerable to an attack from harmful bacteria and the threat of serious disease, including colon cancer, candidiasis, leaky gut syndrome, IBS and even rheumatoid arthritis. Just think of all of the “nasty” things your pet eats.
Now you can help keep your pets colon clean and ward off disease with Healthy Trac® For Pets , a completely soluble, all natural, dietary fiber.

Healthy Trac® is a fiber powder that can easily be added to a pets food or water. It is completely soluble and and has no added taste.

What Is Healthy Trac® For Pets? Healthy Trac® For Pets is a high technology, all natural, completely soluble, non-bulking dietary fiber which supports not only the growth of beneficial bacteria in your pets gastrointestional tract but also has vast immune stimulating properties that help fight infections, abnormal cell growth and lead to a clean, well tuned digestive tract. Healthy Trac® For Pets is for use with dogs, cats and mammals in general.

How Does HealthyTrac® For Pets Work? The gastrointestinal benefits of HealthyTrac® For Pets are twofold. First it helps to cleanse the system, including the colon, by acting as a natural stool softener and thereby helps to normalize bowel movements. It is also a fermentable fiber that is not digested in the stomach but passes through to the colon.
Second, when HealthyTrac® For Pets enters the colon, it reacts with the existing bacteria to ferment and produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These short chain fatty acids are a food source for friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract and promote lower pH levels in the colon. The beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract crowd out the harmful bacteria, aid in digestion and support the immune system. A lower colonic pH level promotes long-term colon health and reduces the risk of disease, such as colon cancer.

A Weapon To Fight Cholesterol. As HealthyTrac® For Pets enters the intestinal tract, it stimulates the production of carbohydrate-digesting enzymes such as lactase, sucrase and maltase. By helping to keep carbohydrate levels low, HealthyTrac® helps keep insulin levels low, thus reducing cholesterol (insulin is responsible for the production of LDL cholesterol). Cholesterol levels can be also reduced 15% in hyperlipidemic animals.
HealthyTrac® For Pets has also been shown in clinical studies to decrease the generation of fecal ammonia. Ammonia is potentially toxic to cells, reduces the formation of glycogen, which can lead to the altering of DNA, and interferes with the breakdown of materials in the colon.

A Bonus Boost To The Immune System. As an added bonus, HealthyTrac® is also an immune modulator. HealthyTrac® works on the immune system in two different ways. First, it elevates the body’s defense system by stimulating the Peyers Patches, immune tissue in the intestines, to produce cytokine rich cells that fight infections and abnormal cell growth. Second, it increases the production of activated Natural Killer Cells to protect against invading microorganisms. Studies have shown that when compared to a placebo, HealthyTrac® increases the immune cell count by almost five times. This dramatic increase of immune cell population has been shown clinically to prevent, dramatically reduce or in most cases eliminate gastrointestinal problems in your pet.

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