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I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your Microsan products. I work at a public Library and I can't tell you haow many times I have been sick this time of year. I used to get so many sore throats, colds and even the flu after I became employed at the public library.

I knew I'd have to quit or find a solution to my problem. My husband ordered your products in hopes this could be a solution to my illnesses. I now use the lotion before going to work, and once there I use the lotion everytime I was my hands. As soon as I get home I wash my hands real well with Microsan E-2 soap. Between the two, I haven't been sick once this year. I do take care of myself, try to eat healthy, exercise and so forth but this added protection is just what the doctor ordered. This is my 7th year at the library. I really enjoy working there and just wanted your company to know what a difference your products have made in my life. Thanks!

B. French Kansas City, Kansas February 27, 2017

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I have been a customer of yours for about a year now and I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how I thought about a product of yours.

I work in the hospitality industry and come across people from all parts of the world in my everyday transactions. I would catch every cold and flu that I came into contact with. Ever since I began taking Immunol, I have noticed a drastic decrease in everyday communicable illnesses plus fewer allergy symptoms! Plus my skin looks great!

Thank you. I have been recommending your product to everyone!

Kind regards

R. Wadhwani Hollywood, California February 27, 2017

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I used to get 2-3 colds per year and I had terrible pains in my knees. I have been using Immunol for over a year and not only have I not been sick but the pains in my knees went away within 10 days.

I wish I had found your product before I wasted so much time and money with all those doctors.

I love your product and recommend it for everyone.

A. King Margate, Florida February 27, 2017

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My doctor told me that the reason for my chronic constipation and poor nutrient adsorption was because the numbers of good bacteria in my intestines was small and my stool became hard.

Since using Healthy Trac, I am completely regular with a soft stool and I feel great. Constipation really slowed me down.I also feel that I am adsorbing the nutrients and my energy has really increased.

I recommend Healthy Trac for everyone. It dissolves completely, doesn't thicken or have any taste. I just add it to my coffee or juice every morning. What a wonderful product!

B. Hughes Lorem Ipsum Riverside, Rhode Island February 27, 2017

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Your products -- the Microsan E-2 hand wash and lotion -- have made the dreaded public bathroms, airplane restrooms, busy terminals and crowds less ominous. I feel better armed to deal with them. I am a reluctant traveler but must do so often for speaking engagements and book promotion purposes.

At a Seattle book signing earlier this year, the store employee who opened each book to the title page for me coughed or sneezed onto each book before placing it in front of me. I wound up sick for weeks.

Shortly after, I discovered your Microsan E-2 hand wash and lotion, use them daily, and never travel without them. I have not been sick since and doubt that that is mere coincidence.

Because of alergies to perfume and other chemicals I was so relieved that the odor of your products is pleasant and fresh, akin to baby powder.

Earlier this month, after minor elbow surgery, I used both assiduously to prevent infection. When my therapist recommended scar therapy/massage, I used the hand cream. At twenty days post-op, the healed incision looks as though surgery took place three months ago.

While other travelers may clutch a security blanket or St. Christopher medal, I hang on to my Microsan hand wash and lotion.

Congratulations and thanks for a super product.


E. Buchanan Cape Elizabeth, Maine February 27, 2017

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My husband and I had twins in June of 2001. Our babies were born three months early and spent seven weeks in the neonatal I.C.U. .

Anyone who has had preemie babies can tell you it is a long road to travel when they come home. They had doctor visits three to four times a week and were on oxygen and apnea monitors.

The doctor told us when they left the hospital that they had a very weak immune system and not to get them around anyone who was sick and to wash my hands after touching anything and before I touched them.

My husband and I were so scared. We washed our hands and used the waterless hand cleaners all the time. Our hands were so dry and cracked.

When we heard about Microsan Skin Care System, we gave it a try. We both liked how well it worked and that it was convenient like the waterless hand cleaner.

The Microsan also moisterized our dry hands while cleaning them. It is also geat for work. My husband and I both work around a lot of people and do not always have a sink close by, so we make sure we have our Microsan.


L. Heintz Douglasville, Ga March 31, 2017

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