Kansas City, Kansas
February 27, 2017

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your Microsan products. I work at a public Library and I can’t tell you haow many times I have been sick this time of year. I used to get so many sore throats, colds and even the flu after I became employed at the public library.

I knew I’d have to quit or find a solution to my problem. My husband ordered your products in hopes this could be a solution to my illnesses. I now use the lotion before going to work, and once there I use the lotion everytime I was my hands. As soon as I get home I wash my hands real well with Microsan E-2 soap. Between the two, I haven’t been sick once this year. I do take care of myself, try to eat healthy, exercise and so forth but this added protection is just what the doctor ordered. This is my 7th year at the library. I really enjoy working there and just wanted your company to know what a difference your products have made in my life. Thanks!